Hi, I'm Ben Robertson 👋

I quit my job in September 2023 to experiment with different models of living and working.

I've got a year of runway and I'm devoting 20 hours a week to figuring out how to cover all the expenses of our family.

I've done a few interesting things in the past: farming, newspaper advertising sales, and front end development. Most recently, I built and led the customer success team at GatsbyJS and then Netlify.

I'm currently working on:

  • Front End Remote Jobs, the best place to hire front end developers
  • SuperSupport.ai, bringing AI-powered rewriting, summarization and prediction abilities to Zendesk
  • and more to come soon!

I share updates related to what I'm working on to my Build in Public page, and I also have a newsletter if you want to follow along that way.

Sign up here: Experiments in Life and Work.