Common Accessibility Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A free web accessibility course for web developers.

30 days, 10 lessons, 100% fun!

Ten lessons spread out over a month focused on frequent but easy to fix accessibility mistakes.

Material Covered

Lesson 1:
Missing Titles

Every web page needs a unique, informative title.

Lesson 2:
Poor Heading Structure

Learn the how to properly use heading tags to properly mark up your content.

Lesson 3:
Read More / Click Here Links

Every link should have a well-defined purpose that is clear from its link text.

Lesson 4:
Missing Labels

Every form input needs a label.

Lesson 5:
CSS Grid and divbox

Use the latest CSS layout features without introducing accessibility mistakes.

Lesson 6:
Images and the alt attribute

Always include the alt attribute, but it's ok to leave it blank sometimes.

Lesson 7:
Focus Styles and Outlines

Why every site needs focus styles.

Lesson 8:
Keyboard Support with JavaScript

Making sites a joy to use without a mouse.

Lesson 9:
Hiding Things

How to hide things for everybody.

Lesson 10:
ARIA Attributes

Commonly used ARIA attributes and examples of the right way to use them.

What people are saying

Ben's focus on specific and relevant topics and balance of practical tips and supporting explanations make his accessibility mistakes email course hands down the most clear and digestible resource I've found for concrete accessibility wins.

Matthew M.

This course is super informative, and the content is delivered in easily understandable and digestible chunks. Thanks for the great info!

Angela I.

Very good course – ordered by priority, simple solutions to each problems, if you do nothing else you’ll be way ahead.

Marie-Christine M.

Ben Robertson's a11y email course is the easiest to digest, most sensible material I've read on the subject, it will teach you how to think about solving a11y problems rather than just giving you one-off examples.

Mikael G.

I highly recommended these tips by email. It's a way to consume content about accessibility in a calm way and assimilating content step by step. Thanks Ben!


Thanks a lot for your course! Very simple, clear and gets right to it´s goal. Great for the ones that are new to web accessibility and for those who already knew some rules, but need to revisit them.

Bianca M.

You rock! Thanks for contributing to my development!

Tomide A.

Your lessons are fulfilling the void I'm having in pursuing the levels of where I'm heading in web development. All your demonstration are well focused on specificity of every subject. I learn a lot from you.

Lloyd C.

About the Author

Hi, I'm Ben. I'm a self-taught web developer based in Greenville, South Carolina and work as a senior software engineer for Gatsby Inc. After learning web development online and a few years working at an agency, I stumbled upon the importance of accessibility for the web, but struggled to find easy to understand resources for getting started. I was inspired to write this course to give others a simple, practical introduction to web accessibility principles.

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