Master these skills to become a remote front end developer

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Before I had even written my first line of HTML, I wanted a remote web development job. Though web development sounded like a fun and exciting career to me, what really enticed me was that it was the kind of work that didn't require me to show up to an office every day.

So when I started my journey to get a job as a front end developer, I always had my sights set on one day getting a remote job. It didn't come right away though. In fact, it took a lot longer than I expected: about three years. But I learned a lot along the way, and among the lessons I learned were the most important skills for being a remote front end developer.

When I was first starting out as a front end developer, I was always trying to figure out what technology, language, or library I needed to master. What skill would get me that coveted job? What project or side project could I put in my portfolio


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Verbal communication