My favorite books on management

My management journey began very quickly after joining [[Archive/Gatsby|Gatsby]] in 2020. I started as the only member of the Customer Success team, and after a few months the growth of the company left me with more work than I was able to get my arms around.

To be honest, I was terrified to jump into management and be responsible for someone else's day to day at work. I didn't want to recreate terrible work experiences that I had in the past.

I can't say that I succeeded in avoiding that every day, but over the years I got my bearings and developed my own leadership style. But when people ask me what that is, I really boil it down to a mix of the following books:

1. Radical Candor

When I started hiring for the first time, I bought this book and started reading it after it being recommended to me many times. For me, it helped clarify things that I had experienced about being managed but wasn't sure why things were a certain way.

I love the focus on fostering healthy relationships by caring personally and challenging directly, it's helped me immensely.

My key take aways are here: Radical Candor.

2. [[High Output Management]]

3. [[Resources/Readwise/Books/The Making of a Manager|The Making of a Manager]]

Bonus: [[Everything in Its Place]]

This is not a management book per se, but is the book that has most helped me figure out how to structure my workday to get things done and best management my own unique anxieties.