The Every

  • Author: Dave Eggers
  • Full Title: The Every
  • Tags: #books
  • Recommendation: 7/10. I enjoyed this more than the first book, The Circle, which I read quite a while ago. This one really captures the ambition of Silicon Valley. It also gave me some hearty chuckles while reading it. An entertaining read, will make you think a bit, and is maybe 100 pages too long.


  • “How is freedom best exercised?” he asked. He hadn’t looked down at his screen. This seemed to be an improvised question. “Willfully,” she said. “Irregularly. Through the refutation of custom. The breaking of patterns. The rational flouting of irrational rules. Keeping secrets. Being unseen. Solitude. Social indifference. Fighting ill-wrought power. Irreverence for authority. Moving without limit or schedule through the day and the world. Choosing when to participate and when to withdraw.” (Location 5641)