Month Three Summary: Front End Remote Jobs


Here's my monthly update on what I've done with Front End Remote Jobs over the past 30 days and what results I've seen! This update is for January 16 - February 15.

Here's last month's summary if you want to see how this month compared! Month 2 Summary

Two huge wins this month:

  • first month with revenue!
    • sold a job listing!
  • huge SEO growth!


Last month, here's what I said I wanted to accomplish:

  • Test affiliate campaigns on the actual website (I saw 4daywork week doing this!), let's get money!
  • Add a real form to the hiring page
  • Ship some content
  • Add a "Your job here" spot on the main listing page
  • Enrich the tech and seniority tag pages the same way I did with the regions pages
  • Ship a better mobile menu 😅

I hit 4/6 goals. 66% is just ok I guess, but I'd also weight some of these as higher value. I tried to target the things that I thought would lead to getting revenue faster.

What I Shipped



I curated ~13 jobs, and posted 1 paid listing. I started pulling some jobs from Indeed, where there are a lot of opportunities.


Features Shipped

Hiring page and form

I revamped the hiring page and added a form so people can submit jobs and pay money! Replying with a link to this page got me my first sale this month - so I count it as a huge win.

Mobile Menu

The header was pretty bad on mobile before, and as a site focused on front end developers, it was embarrassing. Added a nice slide out menu to improve that experience!

Affiliate Ads

I tested out adding affiliate ads in the job feeds. I tested ads from Digital Ocean, Notion, 1Password, and Todoist (using Swapstack). Overall I see ~22 clicks generated on these ads, but it hasn't turned into any conversions yet and so revenue is $0. I set up the ad to randomly serve one of four advertisers, but I will probably change it to serve just one for a month to see how that works.

Quick Hits

Some smaller updates:

  • Add a bit more automated content to seniority and tech pages
  • Programmatic "Hire xxx Developers" pages - example: Hire Remote Javascript Developers
    • I started to see these keywords show up in Google Search Console so I wanted to make sure I had a page that would be relevant.

The Numbers

Let’s run through some numbers for the month.

Profit: $85.07

Revenue: $100.99

Woohoo! 🎉 First month with revenue since relaunch!

  • Job Listings: $99
  • Medium payments: $1.99 (from cross-posting blog posts to medium)

Expenses: $15.92 (monthly)

  • IFTTT: $4
  • Domain: $1.25
  • Plausible Analytics: $7.5
  • Stripe fees: 3.17


Huge growth from month prior - 75% increase! SEO traffic has increased 10x. Curating a couple of Junior positions has helped SEO and all other traffic. Sending out the "Resources" newsletter also added quite a bit of traffic as well.


  • Net subscriber movement: +41
  • Current Subscribers: 1423
  • Open Rate: 40.7%

Still seeing some unsubscribes in each email from early 2020 / 2021 sign ups, but the growth more than makes up for that.


HUGE growth in SEO! From what I can tell, curating two Junior positions is the main boost here - I landed in spot 1 for several "junior front end developer" keywords.

  • Search impressions: 6.71k (up from 1.9k)
  • Clicks: 185 (up from 13!)

Tools and Resources

Decision Log

  • Will pause on making updates / optimizations to programmatic location pages. Haven't seen traction here and so will leave them alone.

Looking Ahead

Top priorities for the next 30 days:

  • Fix the /articles white screen of death for ios devices
  • Migrate to a new email provider (Mailchimp is raising prices) - will probably move to Mailerlite (but considering buttondown as well.)
  • Sales! Outreach via Twitter and LinkedIn to drive more job listing sales