• Author: Susanna Clarke
  • Full Title: Piranesi
  • Tags: Books
  • Recommendation - 10/10. This was my favorite read of 2021. She built a creative world, and I loved getting to know Piranesi. I read at bedtime, and it was so relaxing to get to know him bit by bit. Until the end, and then it was gripping!


  • I do not see that that is the case at all. I would argue that the Statue is superior to the thing itself, the Statue being perfect, eternal and not subject to decay.’ (Location 2950)
  • Perhaps that is what it is like being with other people. Perhaps even people you like and admire immensely can make you see the World in ways you would rather not. Perhaps that is what Raphael means. (Location 3025)
  • This, I suppose, is where I differ from both of them – from Matthew Rose Sorensen and Piranesi; I find I do not care greatly about clothes. (Location 3125)
  • Piranesi is always with me, but of Rose Sorensen I have only hints and shadows. I piece him together out of the objects he has left behind, from what is said about him by other people and, of course, from his journals. Without the journals I would be all at sea. (Location 3129)
  • The Beauty of the House is immeasurable; its Kindness infinite. (Location 3213)